Retreat for the Soul

Let's create a Space where Rising Consciousness can be Born

next date:

1st JUNE 2024

(arrive at 9:00), start at 

9:30 AM until approx. 6:30 PM CEST

in Wolfsgraben

(close to Vienna/Austria)

You are warmheartedly invited for our retreat in the magic house for a soul-enlightening and -aligning journey into your own treasure of beingness. We meet every month for a full day experience.


Open price (our request is minimum of 50EUR)

choose your financial contribution

Meditation with guidance and in silence

Yoga for the nourishment of the body and soul

Transformational Practices in small groups and big plenum

Community time with shared meal

course of the day

9:00 Arriving
9:30 Meditation (guided and silence)
10:00 Check In
10:45 Yoga (with Pierre)
12:30 Shared Meal
13:30 Nature Practice
14:30 Dyad Process
15:30 Practice/Process/Ritual
(we are diving into transformational processes based on Living Compassion, Constellation work with Nonviolent Communication, Healing Roleplay and more)
appr. end 19:00

Retreat for the soul is about...

Nourishment for Soul and Body

In an intimate atmosphere in our “magic house” we invite you to immerse yourself deeply

Everything we offer is to nourish the soul and the body (as they belong together :-)) 

Meditation, the process of dyad, communication processes, connection with gratitude, mourning and celebration, caring for alignment so that it can be a seed for your everyday life to implement.

There will be a shared meal and probably some music ;-)

Care for your (Inner) Alignment and Relationships

We will use tools and processes that support you on your journey of relating with your Self and with others.

The retreat is a cocreation space to meet the aliveness of the moment with what everybody brings. Bring your own challenges and topics for which you would like to use this space to consciously confront your conditionings and create a space for something new.

Community and Connection

Sometimes we think, we need to do it all alone, actually we need community to thrive and to grow. We need each other and that it is both an individual matter and a collective affair.

Join this day of "Retreat for the Soul" to bath in the intimate group, use this space to dive in and explore your unique treasures. The space allows you to connect with your Self as well as connect with others and have space for integration.

ABout Pierre

Pierre Vigneron

Pierre will be guiding you through this day. He is on the spiritual path of Buddhism since more than 20 years, dedicated and working in the field of psychotherapy, Living Compassion and Nonviolent Communication. He is the founder of INCANDESSENCE, to ignite one's soul, which requires recognition , respect and deployment of the infinite biodiversity that inhabits us. Pierre is also a certified Yoga teacher.

ABout Cori (The host)

Cori is the host and co-facilitator of this day. For more than 14 years she walks the path of Nonviolent Communication, learns, teaches and facilitates (inner) conflicts, restorative practices, depth processes for Self awareness and compassion. She's working independently as well as  part of Empathic Way Europe and with individuals, couples, groups, teams and organisations.

 For Your Soul. 


 We are so much looking forward to embarking in this journey together 

 and sharing treasures of self-connection, body, mind and soul caring practices with you.