This webspace is in progress right now - more deliciousness is about to come soon! Stay tuned and follow your joy 🙂

Welcome to the space of deep exploration, awareness growth & magic creation through communication!


Hey I am Cori,

For more than 13 years I walk the path of Nonviolent Communication, learn, teach and facilitate (inner) conflicts, restorative practices, depth processes for transformation.

I am here to remind you of everything that you already have inside to create the life and relationships you really deeply wish for.

Thank you soooo much for dedicating your time and curiousity to explore this space. I feel honored to connect with you. I know with every soul that is coming here, a new universe is arriving and this place is expanding! 

May you find inspirations to learn or/& deepen your knowledge around and about Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg.

There is content in English and in German - I do & create as it feels meaningful to me. 

Enjoy and let me know, what you need!

Wanna dive in? Here are some opportunities...

Remember Magic
NVC Intensive Course

Ich arbeite seit mehreren Jahren immer wieder gerne mit Cori an meinen Themen, weil ich mich bei ihr unheimlich aufgehoben und gehalten fühle.

Mit Cori, ganz präsent, die den Raum hält, geduldig, respektvoll, wertschätzend einfach da ist, mit Fragen über die Schwelle stupst, ist es eine große Freude auch in die Untiefen einzutauchen.

Danke, dass Du meine Wegbegleiterin bist!

N. // Online Courses & 1:1 Sessions

I am immensely grateful for my decision to take this course. I can make a really meaningful contribution with these tools for more understanding and respect ... small steps ... another key to success for more ease joy to integrate serenity and finally LOVE into my everyday life. Life loves you. I love you too...

S. // Online Course

Thank you for all the support and care. Your openess, softness, love and warmth are helping me (so much) to open and to be safe to show myself.

Y. // 1:1 Sessions

...there is also space to go even deeper...


Let's keep being inspired in challenging times

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